wake up now.

The “honey” EP is a collection of songs by Artemis Orion, created to convey different forms of love—past, present, and future; its vices and virtues; & other emotions that can stem from it.

Music Video Collection

'Honey' was directed by Thorn Daniels, and produced by

BASKOIR Films in association with Wulfenbear Media. 

Exploring the the idea of passing time and lingering emotions, each video leads Artemis through different time periods, from old-school silent films to modern-day dramas, while following  love through life in a single narrative.


The project, developed by Artemis Orion, Thorn Daniels and Julia Basques, presented itself to be an exciting challenge:  all six videos were filmed between two apartments and and the empty streets of California during the COVID-19 Pandemic, with only five crew members, and in just one week.


The approach was to find creative - yet simplistic - ways to capture the "at-home" style productions of the time, while making it into something fun and representative of AO's vision for her music. 


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the 'honey' ep: