BASKOIR Films is an up-and-coming Film Production Company, aiming to connect creatives and develop fresh, atemporal projects with a unique perspective. 
Founded by Julia Basques, in 2018, BASKOIR gains it's name from a combination of two words - While BASK means to lie enjoying warmth, specifically from the sun, NOIR, from the French language, means black, or dark, a term commonly used to describe numerous films and film styles. 
This ultimately summarizes the essence of BASKOIR.
We aim to create a space where light and dark come together, along with so many other polar opposites, to extract all that is raw, and real, and create some genuine art. Our goal is to share not only our perspective, but also collaborate with a strong and multicultural team of artists, gathering a variety of views, ideas and experiences, shining a light on points of views that are commonly overlooked.

Julia Basques





From budgeting, to scheduling, investment, contracts and logistics - we'll take care of your project to get you the results you want.


Bring your ideas to life with an innovative approach, seen through detail oriented eyes for a unique and cinematic perspective.


Have an idea you want to develop? Let us help you find your voice by developing narrative structures and breaking down your characters. 


We'll fix it in post! 

Editing and color correcting for  your trailers, music videos, films, shows, and much more.